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Conversations with Books That Burn Podcast -Robin

September 26, 2020

Hello again! Long time no talk. Back again with a wonderful episode with fantastic guest, Robin from Books that Burn Podcast


We talked about their awesome podcast which is a book review podcast focusing on fictional depictions of trauma. 

(Recommended starter ep --> HERE Don't need to have read the books, just the movie. )

We talked a lot about their multiple coming out stories, from Sexuality, to Gender identity, to introducing their trans wife's identity to their families. It's a wild ride.

Plus, roller derby, so many amazing book recommendations,  and a ton more that will be featured on our TeaTime Extras on Patreon


G2G Question: What place or geographical area have you always wanted to visit?


Recommendations: (books) "Beneath the Citadel", "Peter Darling". 

Their goodreads list.


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