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Conversations of Gender and Babies with Jen Tidwell

March 17, 2020

Hello again! 

Sadly, Clexacon is cancelled due to the virus but we will still be attending whenever the rescheduled event is. Thank you to those that share their stories with us. We appreciate it and will keep them in our mind and hearts. 

Editor notes: Since this episode was recorded months ago we're happy to let you know the baby we speak of *Spoilers* has been born as of this recording and is a lovely healthy potato to which we wish the world for. :hearts:

This time we are talking to returned guest: Jen Tidwell, host of the Earp fiction addiction podcast and all around beautiful person. We talked about that AH-HA moment they realized non-binary clicked with them and their journey since then. We also talked a lot about baby culture and how they plan to raise their bundle of joy in a less gender controlled way.


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