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Conversations with Books That Burn Podcast -Robin

Conversations with Books That Burn Podcast -Robin

September 26, 2020

Hello again! Long time no talk. Back again with a wonderful episode with fantastic guest, Robin from Books that Burn Podcast


We talked about their awesome podcast which is a book review podcast focusing on fictional depictions of trauma. 

(Recommended starter ep --> HERE Don't need to have read the books, just the movie. )

We talked a lot about their multiple coming out stories, from Sexuality, to Gender identity, to introducing their trans wife's identity to their families. It's a wild ride.

Plus, roller derby, so many amazing book recommendations,  and a ton more that will be featured on our TeaTime Extras on Patreon


G2G Question: What place or geographical area have you always wanted to visit?


Recommendations: (books) "Beneath the Citadel", "Peter Darling". 

Their goodreads list.


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Conversations of Transitions and Hope

Conversations of Transitions and Hope

March 4, 2019

Hello again! 


We have an amazing guest for you! Diana James, has done a lot in her life, from volunteering at the remarkable British LGBT switchboard hotline to working towards changing the way British police handle LGBT cases, she's given a lot for her community. Pre-Internet era too! She shared with us parts of her life and struggles, and gave us her view of the hopping LGBT scene of London through those times.    


This episode does touch on some dark subjects, so we are issuing a trigger warning. Regardless of this these stories are ones of recovery and bring messages of hope. 

((TW: Rape, Domestic abuse-around 1:25:00))  


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