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Conversations of Queer Spies with Emma Drewry

Conversations of Queer Spies with Emma Drewry

January 16, 2019

Hello again!


We had such an amazing conversation with Emma Drewry, writer & Creator (among others) of RECON, the web series about, get this, QUEER SPIES! Talk about a new level of cool. We talked all about the show, how it came to be, the production behind the scenes, and a few hiccups that they came across in the making. Emma also gave us some insight on how she grew up in country side Connecticut going to online high school and the amazing experience being a film student in California has been. Not to mention her fantastic answer to the Guest to Guest question!


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Conversation with Tracy Levesque

Conversation with Tracy Levesque

November 30, 2018

Hello again! This time we have a returned guest here to speak for herself, Tracy Levesque! Tracy is one half of the brilliant LezWatch duo, a wonderful contributor of the Wordpress community, and owner and operator of family owned Yikes Inc, web design company. 

How on earth does she have time for all this? We talked to her a bit about her busy schedule, updates on the LezWatch database, and an VERY educational conversation about what really happened when two ladies want to make a baby, which TV gets almost 100% wrong! It was such a wonderful time! 


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