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Conversations of Ace and Anxious

Conversations of Ace and Anxious

April 8, 2019

Hello again! Late Podcast is late but we have an awesome guest for you this time! We talked with Bri Castellini, a Director, Writer and part time teacher of Webseries about her work and wow, what a great time we had. We talked a lot about representation, her journey of self discovery, and all about we short film, Ace and Anxious, a quirky short about an asexual graphic designer with generalized anxiety disorder.

Her short film Ace and Anxious can be watched here. 

And her website for all her works plus, Sam and Pat Are DepressedBrainsBuy In (trailer- film isn't out yet), Better With You (new web series she's directing crowdfunding page), Bri and Chris Are Depressed (A break down of Sam and Pat are depressed and more about their own journeys with Mental Health.)

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Conversations with Harriet the gay Not-Spy

Conversations with Harriet the gay Not-Spy

January 31, 2019

Hello again! 


Today we have a fabulous guest Harriet, artist, Zine Master, and currently NOT a spy. (don't worry that joke ends here). She came on to talk about her wonderful project, That but Lesbians Zine, the first run sold out in 15 HOURS!! And also her awesome artwork, some of her history and her love for older women. <3 


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