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Conversations with Celenia Lugo on Rosalie Web Series

Conversations with Celenia Lugo on Rosalie Web Series

March 10, 2020

We are back! 

Hello again, we have a great episode for you today! We talked with Celenia Lugo, aspiring comedian and screenwriter about her Web Series, Rosalie. Her series follows a 30 year old single woman who has finally come out of the closet and on a quest not only for her first girlfriend but for her first relationship ever.    

The series:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2asD1n9KElZmUbXEXo_4Q

Her website: https://www.celenialugo.com/

Conversations about Tello’s Season of Love :Bonus Episode

Conversations about Tello’s Season of Love :Bonus Episode

November 8, 2019

Hello everyone! 

We have a surprise BONUS episode for you! We interviewed the one and only, Christin Baker of Tello films! She gave us an exclusive interview into their highly anticipated coming film Season of Love! We got some get insight into the production, the passion, and the high attention to detail for #Representation (queer, deaf, latinx, etc.) and diversity that went into the making of their film. 

We also talked about the beginnings of Christin's burning passion for representation, the start of Tello, and maybe got a bit side tracked talking about Jennifer Beals. 


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Conversation with Tracy Levesque

Conversation with Tracy Levesque

November 30, 2018

Hello again! This time we have a returned guest here to speak for herself, Tracy Levesque! Tracy is one half of the brilliant LezWatch duo, a wonderful contributor of the Wordpress community, and owner and operator of family owned Yikes Inc, web design company. 

How on earth does she have time for all this? We talked to her a bit about her busy schedule, updates on the LezWatch database, and an VERY educational conversation about what really happened when two ladies want to make a baby, which TV gets almost 100% wrong! It was such a wonderful time! 


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Conversations with Charlotte Greene

Conversations with Charlotte Greene

November 14, 2018

Hello again! Our guest this time is a college professor and lesfic author, Charlotte Greene.

We talked about some of her history as a lover of the arts and knowledge that lead her to living her dream as professor and writer, as well as some cute stories about her childhood selfmade newspaper. We also discussed her books and what she loves about them, from the beautiful settings of Colorado and New orleans to the haunting ghost stories and maybe a bit about beer brewing?      

You can find her books on Amazon, the Bold strokes website, and her author page


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Conversations with Gal Pals Watch Podcast

Conversations with Gal Pals Watch Podcast

October 31, 2018

Hello again and welcome to our not-so-spooky Halloween episode. We have special Guests Alicia and Sarah from the Gal Pals Watch Podcast.

They told us out their podcast watching Queer women movies, a bit about their background and a whole lot about Queer representation in movies. Talk about scary! 


Miss Bullard’s Giveaway!

Miss Bullard’s Giveaway!

October 16, 2018

Hello Everyone! 

We are so happy to have a returned guest. Camille from Quibble Quills Studio is back to talk about their new release "Miss Bullard's School for Former Ladies".  It is a choose you own path (and love interest) graphic novel that takes place in a Victorian inspired society where the main character Lillian has been sent to a boarding school to help cure her horrible nightmares only to realize there's a lot more to the school and her classmates than meets the eye. It's a supernatural adventure featuring amazing music, beautiful artwork, and most of all, Victorian Lesbian Romance.  Excuse me while I swoon.


Quibble Quills has been kind enough to give us a copy of the game to give away. To enter please go to our twitter page. It ends October 31th!! 


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Conversations of SanFran LGBT life: The 80’s

Conversations of SanFran LGBT life: The 80’s

September 29, 2018

Hello again! 

Today's guest is Kathleen Knowles, author and retired UCSF of San Francisco. We had a wonderful talk, being interested in LGBT history Kathleen had some interesting stories to share. We talked a lot about her first hand experience during the 80's aids crisis, being in her 20s and an active member in the LGBT scene at the time. Even a bit about the Harvey Milk, an openly gay political official, assassination from a couple years before that.  


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Conversations of SoulMates: The artist’s call

Conversations of SoulMates: The artist’s call

September 13, 2018

Annd they are back!

Hello again, this is Part 2 of our interview with Kris Dresen, the "retired" comic book artist and illustrator from Chicago but this time with her wife and soul mate JD Glass to tell us all about how they met and who doesn't love a good romance of unbelievable proportions?


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