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Miss Bullard’s Giveaway!

Miss Bullard’s Giveaway!

October 16, 2018

Hello Everyone! 

We are so happy to have a returned guest. Camille from Quibble Quills Studio is back to talk about their new release "Miss Bullard's School for Former Ladies".  It is a choose you own path (and love interest) graphic novel that takes place in a Victorian inspired society where the main character Lillian has been sent to a boarding school to help cure her horrible nightmares only to realize there's a lot more to the school and her classmates than meets the eye. It's a supernatural adventure featuring amazing music, beautiful artwork, and most of all, Victorian Lesbian Romance.  Excuse me while I swoon.


Quibble Quills has been kind enough to give us a copy of the game to give away. To enter please go to our twitter page. It ends October 31th!! 


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Conversations with the multitalented JD Glass

Conversations with the multitalented JD Glass

July 15, 2018

Hello again, 


Today's guest is a woman of many suprises, JD Glass. Author, Musician, contributor forGo magazine, write for Lovestruck and much much more! We talked about some of her experiences in life as well as changing between mediums to tell her stories. We also talked about repetitive storytelling, unpacking toxic masculinity, human authenticity, and so, so much more. 


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Conversations about Lovestruck with the People’s Princess

Conversations about Lovestruck with the People’s Princess

May 27, 2018

Hello everyone! We have a super awesome guest this episode, Sailorscooby a junior producer at Lovestruck games! Lovestruck games is an interactive pick your romantic interest game featuring different genres settings, great writing and more importantly, W/W and non-binary centered stories. Sailorscooby oversees much of the queer content every step of the way and gave us a behind the scenes peek at it's history and process, as well as some cool stories of her own experiences. 


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Conversations about Victorian Lesbians in Games

Conversations about Victorian Lesbians in Games

November 5, 2017

Hello again. 

Join us as we talk to Quibble Quills Studio about their new upcoming game "Miss Bullard's School for Former Ladies" A chose your own path game set in the Victorian era where you play as a girl with supernatural troubles. The boarding school and it's headmistress are full of mysteries and none of the girls around you are as they seem. And did we mention that all the characters are Lesbians? 


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