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Conversation of Warehouse 13 with Jill and Miranda

Conversation of Warehouse 13 with Jill and Miranda

March 24, 2020

Hello again! 

We have super special guests, they are so smart. I had the impossible task of editing this episode. I simply couldn't find anything I wanted to take out so apologizes on the length. We had an amazing time. 

Our guests Jill and Miranda from the podcast 13 (a warehouse 13 podcast) came on to talk about their love for the show and how it played some key roles in their own sexuality and feed them the representation they needed to see. We also talked their individual careers, as an academic and the other in TV and fun behind the scene on that. Plus so much more! There is literally too much to say about these wonderful ladies. 

Conversation with a Multipotentialite

Conversation with a Multipotentialite

July 1, 2019

Hello again, 

Sad news it's the last day of pride but we have a special guest up for you! Vanessa, a multipotentialite, contributor of 3 podcasts, business owner plus part time at other job, recently graduated with baccalaureate, fluent in at least 2 languages plus sign language, plus a plethora of other things, has graced us with her presence to talk about her life, experiences, and some projects she somehow still has time for. 

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