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Conversations about Sci-fi Space Military Lesbians

Conversations about Sci-fi Space Military Lesbians

July 31, 2019
Hello again!
I'm so EXCITED for our guest. Author, Podcaster, Cosplayer, and so much more Lise Mactague! We talked a LOT about her projects, her new book, and more importantly I feel, how does she even have time for all of this?! We also talked about her role as a stepmom, her love of Scifi, her coming out, and also "Can a cannibal be a vegan if it only eats other vegans?" 
The link to the one coming out in October: https://www.bellabooks.com/product/9781642470727/
Website: lisemactague.com.
Twitter: @LisaMactague
Lez Geek Out's website: lezgeekoutcast.com
LGO Twitter: @LGOPodcast
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